Gad Tan FORK4

I presented the State of Buildings, one of my side projects, at's FORK session—a sharing of neat side-projects; particularly ones that make our world a little more authentic.

That spotlight was really bright.

A labour of love, the State of Buildings project is a repository of places and memories. In the ever-changing landscape of Singapore, the State of Buildings project serves as a kind of diary where both the hard facts and emotional significance of the city’s past and present architecture will never be forgotten.

The project was initiated by my brother and his faculty's studio mates, they began by taking snapshots of buildings they love. Accurately researching and documenting the facts and stories that people associate them with it. They even managed to interview Mr Tan Cheng Siong, the original architect of Pandan Valley, and documented things that would have never been known otherwise. Some people have also shared how a certain place was intricately linked to memories of a blossoming love and growing up.

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