Gad Tan

Opening up an old HDD

Earlier this year my Macbook Air finally decided to roll over and die (multiple major failures, logicboard, SSD etc.).

As these things go, one might decide to take stock of what's important and what's not. Side note: always backup your work. If you're reading this and you are having doubts, go back up your work right now. Keep 2 backups, if you're on a Mac, use Time Machine for local backups combo'ed with offsite/cloud backups (just in case you know, your computer and hard drive catch fire?)

Anyway, this led me to open up a dusty hard drive that held work from a decade ago, stuff that I worked on while in Uni, and found some of my earliest experiment with computer-assisted art. Here are some from a set of illustrations I made at Botany Bay and Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

I'll be processing and uploading more over the next couple of weeks as I unpack the drive. Stay tuned.

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