Gad Tan

TDS Workshop 4: UX Matters

If you’re here, you were probably at my workshop held in collaboration with the National Arts Council, NOISE Singapore, and The Design Society on User Experience (UX). That, or someone pointed you here.

Through a series of wire-framing exercises, we examined methods of prioritising content for a screen. The objective of this workshop is to help participants design for fluid display media. A big thanks to the overwhelming response and the organisers for making this session happen.

Learning objectives

-To understand the importance of content hierarchy to the user experience
-To understand the various approaches to structuring content for screen/web media

Skill objectives

-Participants understood how a low-fidelity wireframe might be used
-Participants understood how to structure content according to business/user goals

Getting started with UX and UI design?

-Here's a very basic introduction
-Understand what screens want

Special thanks to Justin Low for working with me to build and deliver the coursework.

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